Rising Nepal (RN) established in 2016 AD(2073 BS) is a non-governmental, non profitable, non political organization dedicated in serving people living with HIV/AIDS(PLHA),HEPAITIS & people who use drugs. The main theme of RN is to achieve a stigma and discrimination free society/Community towards PLHA & Drug Users by protecting their rights, creating supportive environment, proper health care and empowerment for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS & Drugs abuse.

Rising Nepal Nepal (RN) is assembled by the young people who use drugs and young people affected by drug policy  regardless of their gender, caste, religion or socio-economic condition with a vision of a society, where young people who use drugs enjoys equal rights and opportunities as well as lives dignified and respected life. The main goal of RN is to promote evidence-based drug policies and harm reduction strategies with the involvement of young people who use drugs and young people affected by drugs. RN aims to mobilize young people in Nepal to actively involve, meaningfully participate and effectively and efficiently engage them at all levels of HIV /AIDS, Hepatitis C (HCV) and drug related response from local to national level. The core values of RN is to ensure greater and meaningful involvement of all young drug users regardless of their socio-economic, geographical, religious, gender, and health status in all aspects of the youth and drug related response